Inspirational autumn post. September – 5 ideas for home decor

Hello dear friend!

When I was drinking morning coffee I thought about blogging, inspiration and interesting ideas… So I decided to create this post because I have some pause in my scrap life and I don’t like when my blog empty, that’s why when I’ll find something interesting in internet or I’ll create something cute (may be digital paper…) I’ll share it with you!

It’s September, autumn it’s a special time of the year…I love autumn because all your life changes from green to yellow, red, brown…Autumn has a lot of colours, smells and flavors… So I hope you loves autumn like me and you like this post too =)

1. I found these beautiful feathers at Lia Griffith blog. Amazing idea to decorate your presents, but I have a new idea for these feathers – decorate your room by cute autumn yellow-red-brown and gold garland.

You can download pdf and svg file from  Lia Griffith blog.

2. Second idea is create your own autumn dreamcatcher. I found a lot tutorials at the Whoot blog. Just use autumn colors, leafs, real feathers etc.

This tutorial and photo from Monkey Forest Road blog.

3. I love flowers and you?! I think yes, you love =) So these flowers like a real but no…Martha Stewart show you, how to create a beautiful flowers using crepe-paper.

4. Trend of this year – succulents! I found this tutorial at Lia Griffith blog. Oh I love this mini garden for the autumn table centerpiece. Just use autumn colors felts and decor like little pumpkins or acorns…

5. And last but not least – over 50 fall pumpkin recipes from Craftaholics anonymous. I found this blog last year and I fell in love with it at first sight… A lot of inspiration and ideas from beautiful Linda.

Ok, thas all for today. Hope you like my post and you’ll try to create something beautiful and yummy today =)

Enjoy and have an amazing weekends.



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